Benchmark Symposium 2015 - A Future worth Saving

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A Future worth Saving is a call for a nation of employees, with both the motivation and capability, to save enough for retirement.

The stark reality is that the levels of household debt in South Africa have reached pandemic proportions. The majority of employed South Africans live beyond their means and are burdened by debt and as a result they simply cannot afford to save enough for retirement.

To meet this urgent need is at the heart of what we are about and we understand that financial resources are a key enabler to realising life goals. We believe the national drive, through the broader retirement reform process to enable more employed South Africans to have enough money for retirement, should be taken to a new level where the focus is on the overall financial well-being of employees and not merely on their retirement savings. .

Benchmark Symposium 2015 Presentations:

Due consideration should be given to better personal financial management to make saving, and saving for retirement in particular, a natural priority. In this regard employers, as a first interaction, together with the other retirement industry role players need to play a larger significant role in assisting with employees' overall financial well-being.

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