Benchmark Symposium 2012 - Savings Heroes

In a World of Growing Uncertainty and Rising Costs, South Africa Needs Heroes More Than Ever.

Over the past few years we've watched as the recession deepened, unemployment grew and with it the cost of living. In these trying times, with so many people trying to make ends meet or simply living day to day, planning for the future isn't a priority for the majority of South Africans. The stark reality is that every year more and more South Africans face poverty in retirement, and feel powerless to change their fate.

The 2012 Sanlam BENCHMARK Symposium looked at the stories behind the numbers, as we tried to find true savings heroes; those who have taken responsibility for their futures, and those industry role players who work tirelessly in the background to ensure affordable retirement for all members. Finally we asked whether Retirement Reform will become the ultimate Savings Hero South Africa so desperately need?

We also asked a few people to share their saving stories with us. Watch the interviews with these savings heroes to find out what plans they made to ensure a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Benchmark Symposium 2012 Presentations:

Cora Fernandez Benchmark 2012 Responsible Investors
Kobus Hanekom Benchmark 2012 Retirement Reform - How Should Employers Respond
David Gluckman Benchmark 2012 Retirement Reform - The Umbrella Fund Response
Richard van Dijk Benchmark 2012 Retirement Reform - Is There a Role for Intermediaries in the Future
Danie van Zyl Benchmark 2012_Symposium Survey Results
Viresh Maharaj Benchmark 2012 Risk Benefit Trends